PR Dispatch is for you if:

 You have a product based business or sell product

Your products are press worthy (link to the blog post) 

Are based anywhere in the world but want to target UK media

Want to build a database of UK contacts to keep them updated about your new product

·You don’t have thousands of pounds each month to start with an PR agency

You want to understand how magazines are complied

You want all your PR ‘know how’ in one easy accessible place

 You want to join a community of other independent brands and share your PR experiences

PR Dispatch is not for you if:

You don’t have or stock physical product

 You think PR Dispatch is a shortcut to getting your product on to the pages of magazines. We will give you the contacts, insider know how and lots of advice but if you (or someone on your behalf) isn’t willing to put in the hours to contact, you won’t see results.

You expect instant results. PR takes time. The press work to themes and schedules and your product might not be right at first but might be at some point in the future

You don’t have brand assets – cut out shots, website, social media, product, finailised pricing are PR basics. Without these you can’t expect to be featured.