We want you to know exactly what you'll be receiving each month - below is a sample.


Women's Health
Feature: Fit Kit Hero/The Micro Trend

The shopping edit appears in every issue of this monthly magazine and features the best new fitness products and gear. Fashion Director xxxxx xxxxxxx is looking for great fitness products. Follow Charlie on Instagram with the handle @xxxxxxxxx and on Twitter at @xxxxxxxx.

Readership: 10.5M

Target Audience: Women aged 18 - 50

Price Point: Low to Medium £10 - £500

Day Released: 6th of each month

Send suggestions to xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx

Hearst Magazines UK, 33 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 0DQ


S Magazine (Sunday Express)
Feature: Get This

Short lead feature. Commissioning Editor xxxxx xxxxxx is always on the look out for interesting products to feature in her shopping edit that appears weekly in the Express Sunday supplement. Follow Laura on Instagram with the handle @xxxxxxx and on Twitter at @xxxxxxxx.

Readership: 512,450

Target Audience: Women aged 45 - 55+

Price Point: Low to Medium £10 - £200

Day Released: Every Sunday

Pitch away to her on xxxx.xxxxx@xxxx.xx.xx

Express Newspapers, 10 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6EN


Glamour (Online)
Feature: Fitness & Exercise

Online feature. Glamour's Fitness and Exercise section covers the latest trends, sportswear and accessories. Writer xxxxx xxxxxx rounds up the best picks at the moment and would like to hear from brands with relevant products. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter with the handle @xxxxxx . Connect with Alice on LinkedIn here.

Readership: 2.5M (yearly)

Target Audience: Women with an average age of 29

Price Point: Low to Medium £60 - £300 (with specialist items £1,000+)

Day Released: Daily Content


Contact her on xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.xx.xx

Condé Nast, 13 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HN


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