Do you have everything you need before you start contacting the press? Below we run through all the assets you should have before approaching editors.


Cut-Out Images 





Cut-out images are product images that have been cut out from its original background and placed onto a white or transparent background.

It is important to have cut out images as this is often what is requested by print and online publications to be placed on a shopping styled page (i.e. "Editors Favourites" "Best Buys" "Shop the Season").  Studio recommendations are available in when you subscribe to our knowledge hub.  

Make sure that your cut out images are of a high quality (300dpi).



Lifestyle Images





Lifestyle images are often referred to as in-situ images as they feature the product in a real life setting. As many editors now lack the time to call in products for an in-house shoot, great lifestyle images are sometimes needed.

Great lifestyle images are visually pleasing and can be used both across your website and social media pages as a way of enticing your customer.


Subscribers with
great imagery


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The proof is in the placement. 


Other assets
you will need


Look Book
A look book consists of a collection of photographs that display the brand's product and/or new collection. The images used in look books are mainly lifestyle shots. Look books can help to:

  •  Act as a visual inspiration for customers and editors
  • Share the story behind your brand


Line Sheet
A line sheet is a document that provides the press with information of a brand's product names, wholesale prices, colours, patterns and materials. The images used in line sheets are mainly cut-out shots. 

Line sheets provide editors with an easy way to navigate through your products, especially those which would stand out in the press. 


Press Release vs Press Kit
A press kit is a document provided to the press, bloggers and any individual who may want to gain more information, photos or an in-depth background into your brand. 

Press kits should be regularly updated. Press releases are official statements that are produced to provide information on a particular subject or event.