Your brand is now press worthy and all assets are accumulated. All that's left to do is reach out to your press contacts. There are 4 main steps that we believe you should take when contacting editors. These steps should be carried out in chronological order to increase your chances of getting press coverage for your brand.


1. Read feature 

Why is it important? 
Reading the feature beforehand is a way of confirming that your brand and/or products would work well on the page. It can also help you understand the personality of the magazine, and more importantly the editor of the feature. 

How PR Dispatch can help.


2. right contact

Why is it important? 

There are 100's of editors that compile the 1000's of print and online features. Finding and creating an address book of the editors who compile the features can prove difficult. These are contacts that are easily accessible to you every month through a PR Dispatch subscription


3. understand the audience

Why is it important? 

It's important to ensure that the audience of the publication fits the audience of your brand. There is little point (and you will see little success) in pitching your products to a print or online magazine whose reader profile doesn't match yours, as they are unlikely to be featured by editors.


4. perfect pitch

Why is it important? 

Don't trip up at the last hurdle! Make sure that you know how to approach the press. Wording is key! A great pitch can lead to great press. We understand that this can be the scary bit, and we provide our subscribers with expert knowledge, examples and worksheets on how you should pitch your product to editors. 



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