1. Magazine coverage is crucial for your Renegade brand & product awareness

PR can truly make a brand. As your Renegade brand gets featured more in press, customers, buyers and even other editors will pick up on your brand's success. The more you're featured, the more potential your Renegade business has to grow. Choose your product category here

You need to be on Editor radars

If you're not on an editor's radar then you won't be featured in magazines. PR is so much more than just sending an email - you need to be following them on Instagram and Twitter, interacting with their posts and most importantly reading the features that they write. Our subscriptions give you all the information you need to ensure that your Renegade brand is well and truly on the radars of all the top editors.

We know what it takes

With PR there are no half measures - it is an ongoing process and requires time and persistence in order to see results. The idea behind the subscription is that at £28 per month, small brands can build their PR skills and a database of contacts for a minimal expense. The brands with great product who stick at it will do the best.

And finally.... 

We get asked all the time about other subscribers competing for the same space. It is your job to put your product in front of editors. While your product may not be right at that very moment, it might be a perfect for a feature that same editor is compiling a few weeks later. That is the nature of magazine coverage.