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PR Dispatch rated five stars
Having always achieved our press through very organic means using the contacts we have built up over the years, we were excited to meet Rosie in 2017 and hear about how we could increase our contacts but still maintain the personal approach we have always used when contacting members of the press. The information provided by PR Dispatch each month is spot on, and we’ve achieved great results so far. We opted to purchase the Christmas Gift Guide a little later than recommended so missed a lot of the long-lead campaigns but still managed to secure three brilliant features which really boosted sales when it counted!
— Sophie @mutssandhounds
I had thought that I’d been unsuccessful. But on Christmas Eve I started to get messages from friends saying we’d been featured in the Observer Magazine “We Love” section!!! Hurrah! So it really does work!
— Patrick, @furiousgoose
So excited! When Born Nouli was just an idea I used to commute to work and dream about my leggings making the Style List!
— Hayley, @born_nouli_activewear
As a new brand getting the inside scoop is hard. PR Dispatch has made it easier than we imagined.
Hi everyone, excited to share that we have been featured in the Evening Standard’s ES Best online feature ‘Valentine’s Day gifts 2018: The best ideas for vegans’
— Meeta, @storyeightyone
We were in Metro’s Hot List last month which got the team very excited as it was our first PR feature (we only launch 2 months ago)
— Matus, @arumlondon
Great insider tips for who to approach with what content as well as how to structure emails that are professional yet interesting to the editors and media.
Pitched Perfectly! This course has been great - I love that it covers so much but broken down into manageable chucks and that I can download guides and notes to refer back to. Perfect for busy small business owners. Thanks PR Dispatch Team!
— Addea, @poppie_and_george
Finally! Someone disrupting the PR Industry and acknowledging that brands and designers aren’t completely clueless!
Thanks to PR Dispatch, our brand was featured in Top Sante and the Style List
— Lisa, @blackfishswim