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How to use trends and make them unique to your business

How to use trends & make them unique to your business.

Most people only associate the word trends with fashion. However, trends affect all retail businesses from food, technology, home accessories and stationery. 

It’s hard to ignore trends as they make up all the information and images we process on a daily basis. Even if you think you don’t follow trends then inspiration and bigger cultural shifts are influencing the way you develop your product range and appeal to your customers. And most importantly how to stay relevant in a fast-changing market! 

Let’s cut through the distractions and allow yourself to get creative again with clear direction on how to use trends and inspiration and make them unique to the new products you're developing in your retail business. 

This informative workshop will cover:

  • How trends impact all businesses (and not just fashion)

  • How to use trends in your product development

  • How to make trends unique to your business

  • Overview of three 2020 trends

  • Q&A

Joanne Griffin

Joanne Griffin is the retail product specialist and designer behind Arnold & Bird. Offering bespoke services that cover the full retail spectrum, she works collaboratively with homeware and gift brands to bring their creative ideas to life with a commercial edge. From range planning and sales analysis to product design and branding, She helps brands develop ranges that are intentionally planned to grow your business and look great too.

Elizabeth Stiles 

Elizabeth is a fashion brand consultant. It’s safe to say she knows the buying and supply process inside out; she now wants to share everything with you so that you’re set to create new collections or develop your product range armed with the knowledge to succeed.
Elizabeth works with covetable clothing brand owners, taking designs effortlessly from paper to production & guiding you step-by-step so that you can turn your creative clothing ideas into reality.