Frequently asked...


+ What if I haven't got time to do my own PR?

Hiring a junior one day a week to focus solely on your PR is a great way to get the ball rolling. As we often say, if you're not doing anything then you're not going to be featured in magazines.

+ What's included in the contact database?

You'll receive the contact details, brief description and Instagram handle for editors who compile monthly (long-lead), weekly (short-lead) and online stories.

+ Can I subscribe to more than one category?

Of course! If you feel that your brand sits across more than one category, there's no reason why you can't sign up for a number of subscriptions and build your database of contacts even quicker.

PR is an ongoing process and that requires time and persistence in order to see results. The idea behind the membership is that small brands can build a database of contacts over time and learn how to do PR themselves for a minimal expense. Brands with great product and commitment to their PR will see the best results.

+ Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Once you terminate your subscription you will lose access to your contacts, resources and any community spaces. To cancel you simply log in to your PR Dispatch course log in here. Select My account and then Billing. Click the cancel button next to the subscription you wish to cancel.

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