I cannot recommend PR Dispatch highly enough. I can confidently say that it was the best investment I have made in terms of PR for my brand. Their system really works.
— Rachida, Rama Publishing
PR Dispatch has been a total game changer for us at Story 81 – it’s taken the legwork out of the first stage of PR (finding contacts) and allowed us to focus on the next bit (building the PR relationships) in a personal way. The information provided by the PR Dispatch team is always helpful and clear and just what a small brand like ours needs!
— Meeta, Story 81
This course has been great – I love that it covers so much but is broken down into manageable chunks, along with downloadable guides and notes that I can refer back to. Perfect for busy small business owners.
— Addea, Poppie and George
Having always achieved our press through very organic means , we were excited to meet Rosie in 2017 and hear about how we could increase our contacts but still maintain the personal approach we have always used when contacting members of the press. The information provided by PR Dispatch each month is spot on, and we’ve achieved great results so far. We managed to secure three brilliant features which really boosted sales when it counted!
— Sophie, Mutts and Hounds
PR Dispatch have also built an amazing community atmosphere amongst their staff and members – everyone is super friendly and encouraging. The community is really active on Facebook and every time I ask a question on the forum there is always someone answering with great advice. I didn’t expect this level of service and it has helped so much to have people to ask questions.
— Rachida, Rama Publishing
We’ve had such a good week for call-ins! Including Country Living, Cosmo, Good Homes, Ideal Homes and The Simple Things, very exciting!
— Charly, Plum and Ashby
PR Dispatch has been essential for the success of our business; building a supportive relationship and providing us with contacts, knowledge and encouragement. The feeling of community is paramount to why PR Dispatch works so well and without PR Dispatch we would not have the extraordinary level of success with press that we have today. We would highly recommend joining PR Dispatch, it provides your company with knowledge whilst you still have the autonomy of your press.
— Daisy, Meet the Wedgies