PR Secrets: Understanding Publications

Understanding Publications

There are three main types of publication: Short Lead, Long Lead and Online.

Short Lead Publications are compiled one week to three months before publishing. These include: Stylist, Grazia and Sunday Times Style.

Long Lead Publications are complied three to six months before being published. These include: Vogue, Home & Gardens and GQ.

Online Publications can be complied on the same day to two weeks before they are published. These include: Guardian Online, The Pool and Elle Online.

This means that Long Lead Publications will be finishing their Christmas publications in late September / early October. If you start pitching your seasonal items in November, you’ve missed the boat. It is SO easy to be caught out! It is worth taking some time to identify the lead times for your target publications and set reminders in your phone for key PR points in the year. We have compiled a full downloadable calendar, included in the PR Dispatch course, have a sneak peek at what we offer here

Publications are also made up of different types of story. Advertisements, regular shopping features, written editorials and fashion editorials. At PR Dispatch we focus on getting your product into regular shopping features.  These are positioned within the main body of the magazine, are beautifully designed and are specifically chosen by Editors. This gives products featured instant brand credibility for free.

Products featured in shopping pages are chosen based on their aesthetics and the overall shopping feature theme, decided by the publication. For this reason, Editors care less about your brand story and more about the quality of your product and product imagery. Visit ‘The basics: what you need for PR’ for more. Read more about the publications you could be featured in here

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