+ Why should I sign-up to PR Dispatch?

PR has changed... Be part of the movement. We understand that brands don't want to spend thousands on PR each month but if you're not doing anything then you can't expect to be featured in magazines. Our emails allow you to follow and email editors to tell them about your product whilst also giving you an understanding of the features they write.

+ What kind of magazines are included?

Mainstream popular UK publications including RED, Stylist, Evening Standard, Metro, Vogue, Grazia, Look, Country Living, and newspaper supplements.

+ Are the contacts tailored to my brand?

Our 6 memberships are tailored to a category, not a specific brand. If you are unsure of which subscription to sign-up for, please fill in our brand enquiry form here.

+ What's included in the contact database?

You'll receive the contact details, brief description and Instagram handle for editors who compile monthly (long-lead), weekly (short-lead) and online stories.

+ How are the contacts devised - do you create indivudal lists based on who we want to pitch to?

The contacts are devised by category - Women's, Men's, Lifestyle & Homeware, Sports & Wellness, Beauty and Kids & Baby. Each publication, contact and feature are relevant to the category and range of products within each category. This ensures you will always be pitching to relevant spaces for your brand. There's a scope of long leads, short leads and onlines, as well as a low-high ranged products.

+ Do you pitch to the press on our behalf or do we do it ourselfes?

We do not pitch to the press on your behalf - we supply you will all the tools and information to enable you to pitch your products to the yourself and create strong press relationships.

+ Is PR Dispatch for service based businesses?

Unfortunately PR Dispatch currently isn't for service based bussinesses. We work soley with product based businesses - but keep your eyes out as you never know what's to come in the future!

+ What's the difference between PR Dispatch and a PR Agency?

We're different to a traditonal PR agency as there is no middle man when contacting the press. You contact editors directly, estabalishing and building upon your relatioship with them = we give you all the tools and resources you need to do this + much more for brand development.


+ What if I haven't got time to do my own PR?

Hiring a junior one day a week to focus solely on your PR is a great way to get the ball rolling. As we often say, if you're not doing anything then you're not going to be featured in magazines.

+ Can I subscribe to more than one category?

Of course! If you feel that your brand sits across more than one category, there's no reason why you can't sign up for a number of subscriptions and build your database of contacts even quicker.

PR is an ongoing process and that requires time and persistence in order to see results. The idea behind the membership is that small brands can build a database of contacts over time and learn how to do PR themselves for a minimal expense. Brands with great product and commitment to their PR will see the best results.

+ Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Once you terminate your subscription you will lose access to your contacts, resources and any community spaces. To cancel you simply log in to your PR Dispatch course log in here. Select My account and then Billing. Click the cancel button next to the subscription you wish to cancel.

+ What's the difference between Starter and Full Memberships?

The Starter membership is for brands who are not yet pitching ready - so this is a pre-press pitch membership. Starter guides and supports you through getting your brand ready to pitch to the press - looking at the very start of your brand.

The full membership is for brands who have their brand slightly more underway and are ready or almost ready to contact the press - this is where your contacts come in. The Full membership still supports your through all your brand building.

+ Can I sign up for 1 month?

Unfortunately we don't offer a one month membership due to how the press work - our memberships run quarterly to ensure our members can start to build relationships with the press, which isn't achivable within the space of a month. We also devise our contacts quarterly, so every three months our members recieve a new set of contacts to start contacting.

+ Does your business model include the US / Overseas?

Currently PR Dispatch is UK based, but we are looking to expand overseas! It's defintely something on our agenda. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when we do!