5 podcasts we're listening to

With a never ending list of podcasts available on a multitude of platforms, we wanted to share with you the ones that stand out and are worth your time. Whether on your commute or when you’re taking that well deserved work break, we have condensed down the ones we’ve been loving at PR Dispatch HQ.

Ways to change the world with Krishnan Guru-Murthy

This podcast is one of the most diverse we have listened to in terms of conversation topics and guests, with the likes of Gina Miller and Lily Cole to Charlie Sheen. Having just one guest per episode means that the conversation is able to evolve, without the risk of fighting for airtime that some busier podcasts may suffer from. The premise of the podcast is to not only question the issues we face in everyday life, but to come up with some answers. The 40 minute per episode average makes it a perfect commute listen.

The High Low with Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes

If you are in need of a weekly run down with commentary you actually want to listen to, then this is the podcast for you.  Dolly and Pandora bounce off of each other with wit and charm that’ll make you want to be their best friend. Their honest discussion of the dominating headlines of the week allows you be keep up to date without feeling bombarded with opinions. Dolly and Pandora have a transparency about them, which is one of the reasons we enjoy them so much. If you only listen to one weekly topical news podcast make it this one.

TEDTalks Business

This may seem like an obvious one but we have to include it because it is genuinely one of the best business podcasts. The 15 minute shorts make it an easy listen, and means they are always straight to the point. One of our recent favourites is Leticia Gasca’s ‘don’t fail fast--fail mindfully’ which highlights the value of failure, breaking down why failure should not be viewed as a negative but as necessary. It’s honest and that’s what we like!

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

You may have never thought of having a sit down meal with singer/ songwriter Jessie Ware and her mother, but trust us when we say it is something you are missing. With special guests such as Sadiq Khan and Ed Sheeran the conversation topics are never the same. The guests chat openly and honestly over their home cooked meal made by Jessie’s mother Helena. We think it makes a great evening listen as a means of unwinding after a busy day.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

This podcast is focused around the rise of successful companies, talking to the people responsible for global brands such as Five Guys and Urban Decay. The founders talk about their successes, their failures and everything in between. Discovering the thought processes and actions behind some of the world’s most recognised brands is not only interesting but inspiring. If they can do it why can’t you? Have a listen to find out how they did it in this weekly podcast.

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