Meet the member: Olivia from Ivincia

Just in time for the Wimbledon finals, we sat down with Olivia Langinger, founder and creative director of luxury tennis clothing label Ivincia. Olivia founded IVINCIA in 2016, and has since been ever-growing, and most recently has seen her dresses on tennis courts at the Wimbledon Championships!

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How long have you been in business for?

I launched the e-commerce site earlier this year, however, I spent several years working on the brand before launching the website.

What was your biggest achievement while running your brand?

Earlier this week I went to Wimbledon to meet a tennis player wearing one of our tennis dresses for her match at the Championships. Seeing a player wear a white Ivincia tennis dress to the tournament was a very special moment! Going to Wimbledon is definitely a great experience, and since the reason I got to attend was that of the brand that I’ve built, it feels like a very big achievement. 

One thing you wished you’d known before starting your own PR?

I wish I had known about PR Dispatch earlier in my entrepreneurial journey because if I had, I would have started building relationships with the press earlier. I think it’s important to start working on PR as early as possible. I hear a lot of brand owners say they don’t think they’re ready for PR because their businesses are new. I now know that it is never too early. As you have great imagery of your beautiful products, you’re ready for PR. 

What do you think is/was the most challenging part of doing your own PR?

The most challenging part for me is finding the time and the right people to work on my PR strategy. It’s easy to put it off however like with everything else, consistency and perseverance are key!

What is your next PR goal?

My PR goal is to hire an amazing PR representative that could help us expand Ivincia’s presence all the way through the Summer and after.

 If you could be featured anywhere, where would it be?

There are so many fashion editorials I admire, it would be impossible to choose only one! I really enjoy reading fashion magazines and blogs, they provide so much inspiration and knowledge on what’s happening in the fashion industry.

PR Dispatch Community
PR Dispatch Community
PR Dispatch Community

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