The secret to a successful morning routine

I’m sure it’s not just us who have the daily struggle of dragging ourselves out of bed, especially on these dark mornings when all you want to do is cave yourself up between the duvet and binge watch TV. To have a successful day, you need to have a successful morning - kind of like how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you need to start well to continue well. Morning routines differ depending on the kind of person you are and the kind of job you do - some of us might need a morning run to start the day, whereas others might need a cup of coffee and some trash TV. We spoke to a range of like-minded people to get some morning routine inspo!


I couldn't live without Trello, it's the perfect way to move my love for lists into the online world rather than on scruffy bits of paper. I start the day by checking what's due/forecast to do that day and pull it across into my 'TO DO TODAY' list. I then have a clearer head of what I need to achieve which helps me be more productive. Within this, I tend to prioritise the most urgent projects but I also try to get the more active jobs out the way first so in the afternoon, as the day starts to wind down (and energy levels!), I can do all the jobs on my list that are sat at my desk. If I get too comfortable at my desk in the morning, it's more difficult to motivate myself to do a photo shoot or go out prop hunting. Nothing would be possible without many, many cups of tea... It's my absolute life saver in the morning!


I just started a new morning routine where I get up early, I make my bed and go for a run or a walk. When I get back I make breakfast (I can’t run on a full belly) take a shower and I’m ready for my day! I start this at about 7 in a morning and I’m ready and eager at my desk by 9!


For me, my successful routine is all about the preparation the night before - ensuring I get enough sleep and I always end my work day by writing the following days list so i completely shut off. I also like to sleep with my curtains open and use an alarm that softly wakes me up (not your generic screaming iPhone alarm). Whenever possible, I don’t set an alarm and let myself wake up when my body wants to. Lastly, I spend the first hour of my day doing something for myself before starting work - it makes me feel rested and relaxed rather than stressed.


I make sure to have a bit of me time before I start my day. I set my alarm 10 minutes before I actually want to get out of bed, and take that time to write down my plans for the day. I’ve also started the focus journal “Five minutes in the morning” - which is amazing and a great way to activate your brain. It’s definitely made a difference to my routine.


My morning routine starts with eating breakfast, showering and getting dressed, even if I’m working from home! I then watch a Ted Talk and read through my to do list that I wrote the night before. I believe in positive affirmations so I pep talk myself so I am ready for the day. I usually say it out loud and my husband thinks i’m crazy, but it truly does work! It boosts my confidence if nothing else.

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