How To Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show


You might have heard this a dozen times before, but first impressions are the game-makers when it comes to your exhibition stands. Creating the wow-factor is vital to creating a strong impression and standing out at trade shows. And creating the perfect stand does require some thinking and planning in advance. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite displays from PULSE earlier this week, combined with a few tips on how to stand out at your next trade show to help inspire your brand’s next booth.


I Am A

I Am A's salmon pink booth immediately caught our eye and drew our interest. And even if you don't want your whole display stand coloured in bright colours, you can use bold colours to add a sense of energy and attract attention from attendees without compromising your brand.
Once at the stand, brand founder Charmaine has been handing out scratch cards to visitors, adding a touch of interactivity to her booth. The more interactive your exhibition stand is, the more effective it will be in attracting your target audience. 


Meet The Wedgies

We love how The Wedgies made use of their press coverage, including it in their otherwise minimal display, putting their product into focus. If you have been featured in publications in the past, make sure to highlight it by having a press book to hand or frame your piece of coverage. 




One We Made Earlier

One We Made Earlier's jewellery does not need all too much going on around it. Each piece is a statement in itself, and we love how each of them is highlighted by having its own little wooden board. Our tip for direct sales and maximum ROI is a stand that puts your product or service front and centre.




Claire Vine

We love how Claire used her cushions and pinned them to the wall, making them the highlight of her stand, striking the perfect balance between branding and product showcase. A little side note - make sure your company name and logo are easy to see, and your stand features any branding material that you think might be relevant.

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