Is Online PR More Beneficial Than Print?

Why Online PR Can Be More Beneficial Than Print

Getting publicity for your brand is no longer just about newspapers and magazines - gaining page views, likes and shares online is becoming more important too. While print is still PR's bread and butter, many readers choose to consume their news exclusively online, considering today's immediate accessibility and convenience of the news. There's still a certain prestige that comes with seeing your product in Vogue or any established publication, no doubt, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to successful PR - Read on, we'll explain why more often than not, online coverage can be more beneficial than the traditional printed press. 


1. Easy & Efficient

With print, potential customers have many hurdles to jump over before actually making it to your website. Being available 24/7, online coverage is delivered swiftly, more frequently and is always out there. Convinced yet? And yes, people even read online content in a different way – and this is where online press strengths come out to play. On the web, coverage is summarised and presented in a way that viewers can read easily without getting distracted, whereas, in a printed magazine, this is likely not the case.

2. Increase In Readership

Enough already with the print is dead - it's not! It has seen a gradual decline though, all in favour of online press, and it's a pattern that is deemed to continue – whilst the online press storm is beneficial to readers, it is also helping out the brands. Online coverage has greater potential to reach a wider target audience than print, meaning larger brand exposure, a potential increase in sales and the rest is history.
Not only does online press capture those readers who no longer read print media and offer them a solid alternative, but the accessibility of the web means you can ready a greater pool of readers, anywhere in the world.

3. Higher Engagement

It's all about engagement these days... One of the most prominent differences between online and print coverage. Readers can now like, comment, share and recommend a brand’s articles and media coverage that they see online. You see something you like, you click on the link and hey presto it's in your hands a few days later. This can increase brand loyalty as well as create a solid group of advocates for your brand.

4. Tracking Tactics

Technological developments have blessed us with the likes of Google Analytics – something that we like to call our “tracking tactics.” This means we can measure the success of online coverage. See what readers liked and disliked, and get guidance on views and hits.

5. Longer Duration

With online coverage, the content cycle continues – features in a printed publication will most likely be tossed by tomorrow morning. The moment has gone. Unlike it's younger sister print - content is re-traceable and continues to live on way past the date it was posted.



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