Want to get the best founder headshot? Here's how

As much as you always want to be selling your product you have to remember that your customer is also buying into your brand and the person behind it, you. We can’t stress how important a good founder head shot is. Founder head shots give personality and a identity to your brand, it’ll allow the customer to relate and buy into your products, which is great. They are also great for when pitching for interview spaces.

Whilst there is no one way to create the perfect headshot, there a few tips and tricks that make a successful founder image really stand out so we have summarised our top 5 below.


Number one because it is by far the most important! No one wants to read about or follow someone who takes themselves too serious so its important to crack a smile; if you don’t look like you enjoy what you do then why should a customer? Just remember that it needs to be genuine, people can tell when you’re faking it so if it helps have your photographer crack a few jokes or a friend behind the scenes that you know always makes you laugh.

We think that Tara Foley of beauty brand Follian has a great smile in her headshot, it is a genuine and full face smile that really draws you in.

Tara Foley

Tara Foley


We all know not to trust someone who can not hold eye contact with us and the same rules apply to a good headshot; people will be hesitant to hand over their cash to someone they are unsure of. Similarly, making direct eye contact with the camera will naturally draw people in and the more connected a customer feels to an image of you, the more likely they are to become connected to your journey as a brand.

We love the eye contact from Hayley Measures at Born Nouli in this headshot. You instantly warm to her and want to know more and find out what she is up to.

Hayley Measures

Hayley Measures


This picture is about you, so be sure to show a little of who you are and why a customer should be just as drawn to you as they are to your product. Remember to stay loose, don’t tense up and make the image authentic to you.

We think Eve Wilson has done a great job below showing off her personality with her great smile and style and also letting us know that she is a dog person thanks to her trusty sidekick, Ernest. If your office pooch is a staple in your work life, then don’t be afraid for them to make a little cameo as long as the focus is still on you.

Eve Wilson

Eve Wilson


If your brand is all about colour and prints, is a plain white background really the best way to showcase yourself and what you do? Whilst the headshot is about showcasing you, you also want people to instantly relate the image to your brand and products so making sure that you are showing a similar ‘vibe’ is key.

The same tip applies to any props you want to use, it’s good to include items providing they match your brand aesthetic and are relevant to your business. We think that Ian Chin has done an amazing job of this, in a studio and holding his camera makes it instantly clear that you are looking at a photographer.

Ian Chin

Ian Chin


Whether you opt for natural light or a studio setting, getting your lighting right is always a must. You need lighting that will be warm and soft, to avoid any washed out photos and dramatic shadows. Don’t be afraid to take a number of test shots and make tweaks to your lighting setup along the way. Make sure you have your lighting perfect before you step in front of the camera.

We feel that Carina at Ponderlily does this really well and creates a bright and warm image with her lighting choices which really highlights her great personality as well as her gorgeous office space surrounded by colour samples.



When it comes to your clothes, hair and make up try to opt for a look that is classically you and your style but still professional; think about what you would wear to meet a new client. It’s best to avoid any overwhelming trends, this will help to avoid ageing your photos and avoid any embarrassment if they were to resurface in a customer’s google search a few years down the line!

We think Carmel King has done a great job here, she has showcased her personal style and creative sensibility.

Carmel King

Carmel King

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Rosie Davies