Instagram Stories: Five ways to up your game

Instagram stories are becoming more creative, interactive and engaging with the help from the many apps which are popping up on the market. With 4 million daily active users, Instagram is a great way to communicate with your audience, so it’s important to make your stories engaging. These apps will help you create easy but effective stories which will leave your audience coming back for more.


One of our personal favourites, Unfold is a quick and easy way to create beautiful image based stories with a tap of a finger. Chose from a selection of templates and upload your images, it’s as simple as that. It’s create for ensuring your stories as consistent and coherent, which will create a recognisable image for your brand.


Inshot is great for those more creative stories - videos can add a bit of life and excitement and it’s been made that much easier - you can take existing videos and change the aspect ratio, crop and resize to fit on Instagram. You can also be creative with the background.


OnlyPult is our life saver - this is where we schedule all of our Instagram feed posts, but since it’s more recent revamp, you can now also schedule stories. This is perfect for business owners who find themselves running out of time for social media. You can create and prepare your stories in advance, and have them scheduled for any day / time. Using Unfold and OnlyPult together is a great way to nail your stories.


We all know Adobe for it’s advance photo and video editing/ creating programmes - some of which are quite difficult to get your head around. However with Adobe Spark, no graphic design skills needed here! Adobe Spark allows you to create fun graphics on-the-go, perfect for sale launches, new releases and discounts.


If you really want to impress your viewers then Clipomatic is the app for you! It allows you to add captions by turning everything you say into captions, over your recorded video! All you have to do is click record, speak clearly and the works all done.

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PR storiesRosie Davies