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PR Manager

Kamala Bryant, 25

Editors know when it’s a copy & paste job

When I started out in PR it was really tempting to just copy & paste my pitch when I was working through my media target list. I convinced myself that I was saving so much time and effort by just changing the editors name each time I sent it out. Problem is, for an editor who is receiving PR pitches through all day long, it’s pretty obvious. Plus it’s just lazy.

The key to a great pitch is to do your research and tailor it to whoever you’re reaching out to. Do they write a lot about accessories? Pitch your accessories to them. Did you come across an article they wrote about a product similar to yours? Reference it! Are they known for something in particular that led you to them? Make it known!

PR isn’t just about sales 

When I talk to people outside of PR they’re often confused about what I actually do? And they’re even more confused about why I'm doing it. I feel like PR often gets confused with marketing and advertising, and whilst there is some crossover, PR is so much more than that. 

If you break down the word, Public Relations, it's all about managing the relationship the public, and editors/journalists, have with a brand. It’s about improving public perception and increasing brand trustworthiness/credibility. Of course we are also about driving traffic and increasing sales, but when you invest in PR it is mainly about the long game. You’re often trying to create a household name out of a new kid on the block. 

The work never ends

In a lot of jobs or careers you will have a specific task you need to finish, but once it's done, it’s done. In PR, and particularly when I have been working on PR outreach, the task is never done. There is always something more I could do. There are always more editors to contact, new angles to pitch from, relationships to build and samples to send.

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