How To: Craft Your First Press Pitch

Contacting the Press

The thought of contacting the press can seem daunting, especially when it is your first time. Our PR Managers Shannon and Cecilie, have analysed their successful email pitches and identified three top tips to make crafting your first email pitch a little easier.

Be targeted.

Editors will only feature you if they know their readers are likely to be interested in your products. Therefore, it is important that your target market aligns with a publication's readership. Is it worth looking at past editions and asking yourself if the products featured in past editions would interest your target market? If the answer is yes, go for it!

 Be friendly.

Keep your emails informal and friendly but still concise. For example, say...
‘Hi Sophie, (not Dear)
Hope you are having a lovely Friday’. Why did you love his/her last feature? Be genuine and show that you have done your research before introducing your product. Building a relationship between your brand and the press can increase the potential of future coverage.

Be organised.

It is also important to keep your press database organised. Make note of who you contacted, when and for which product. This will help you keep track of when to send a follow-up emails if you don’t receive a response the first time around.

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