What Are Regular Features?

Regular features are features  that appear in a magazine every time that magazine is published. This could be weekly or monthly depending on when the publication comes out. 

Things to consider when pitching to regular features:


Themes/Time of Year


Publications both on and offline will occasionally have special features surrounding a particular event in the yearly calendar or a particular theme. At these times, the editors will be collecting products that are in-keeping with said theme. For example, green/Irish products for St Patrick's day, Christmas items, festival must-haves during Summer/festival season etc.

This a great time for you to reach an audience or publication that you may have been struggling to reach before. Pitch to these special features wisely and consider the versatility of your product - but be realistic. There's no point in pitching your swimwear brand to feature during the winter months. 

*Consult your calendar to stay ahead



Friday might be an unproductive day for some, but for others it's when they collect all products ready for a Monday meeting. Do some research into publications to find out when their most receptive day is and, if all else fails, go by trial and error. As you get in contact more often, some journalists might mention that they have deadlines for product features. Make sure you're updating your database with your new-found knowledge.

DON'T FORGET: PR smart - it's unlikely you're going to get any good results if you're pitching your product for a feature the day before it's published.


Who's Compiling the Feature

Journalists move around a lot. It's important to regularly check that your contact is still the best person to pitch to. If they're not it's unlikely they'll forward your message onto the person who is. Make sure your database is up-to-date with contacts and the roles of individuals. It doesn't hurt to check on platforms like LinkedIn if you're not certain they're the best person for you to be contacting.

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Rosie Davies