PR Dispatch Meets: ASOS Marketplace

We spoke to Christina and Katie-Beth, scouts for ASOS Marketplace, to find out how Marketplace works and how new independent clothing brands can get involved.



Tell us a little bit about ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace launched in November 2010 with 20 Boutiques and a handful of wardrobe recyclers. The idea came from wanting to be able to sell Vintage clothing however due to the logistics of only having 1 item it would not be a viable or profitable way of selling. Instead, ASOS Marketplace would be a way that people can shop for the best Vintage but from a range of independent sellers. A great way to support small businesses and make our customers happy too! Since then it has grown to over 1000 boutiques including Independent Designers using ASOS Marketplace as a platform to launch their brand.

Where do you call home?

The ASOS Marketplace team are based in GLH (Greater London House) in Camden.

Right, let’s crunch the numbers; how much does it cost to sell on Marketplace and what do you get for your money?

The fees are £20 per month to “rent” the boutique and then 20% commission. There’s no long-term commitment. With that you get;

  • SELLER SUPPORT: You get your own Account Manager to Support your boutique, give you tips and advice to making your boutique awesome

  • LAUNCH PAD: Marketplace is the go-to platform for breaking trends and over 20 of our Marketplace Boutiques have gone on to sell their collections directly to and many more to other major retailers

  • YOUR OWN BOUTIQUE: With your own unique URL

  • BONUS FEATURES: Promo codes, paid promotion, product showcase, multi-item shipping and your own blog

  • GET SOCIAL: Promote your page and link your social channels & content. Editorial coverage across our website, social media channels, newsletters and ASOS’ platforms.

  • NO CONTRACT: If you feel Marketplace is not the right platform for your business then we’re happy to talk about it and see if we can help


What do independents need to consider before joining the Marketplace family?

The photography style is really important to the look and feel of Marketplace and is what sets us apart from other sites. Product always has to be shot on a model, inside or outside, in natural lighting. Getting your imagery right is key to your success on Marketplace. Some of our Boutiques take amazing pictures that show off their products and are easily recognisable on a page as their model choice, styling and location are so distinctive.

Social Media plays a huge part in your Boutiques success as your profiles act as an extension of your Boutique, allowing you to engage with customers and drive new customers to your homepage or products.

Considering their launch time is launching the right product at the right time is crucial. Bikinis and sunglasses in December? Big no no. If a brand has a certain style or trend we try to encourage them to launch at the right time. For example, occasion-wear dresses – the best time is to get on board by September / October when people are starting to look towards Christmas. Launching with a sparkly dress in January will mean missing out.

Out of all the independent brands on the site, what do the most successful have in common?

Our most successful brands have combined our top pillars that make them a well-rounded boutique on Marketplace. Their imagery is consistent and strong, they have thought carefully about the right price points for our customers (typically 16-24yrs old), they deliver on customer service – getting orders out on time, responding to queries at a timely manner. They also ensure that their product caters to the trends and season of the time, launching regular new pieces keeps them being noticed day after day and allows for customers to want to come back to buy more. And finally their social media channels always cover the very things our customers are interested in – celebrity culture, music, food, styling and trends that the customer cares about and can engage with.

What would would you say to any brands thinking of applying to Marketplace?

ASOS Marketplace is a global platform for independent and vintage brands, so think about how you want your brand to be perceived and then use that to guide how your images look, what you share on your social media channels, curating the best product selection and pricing in line with what our customers would want to pay. This all brought together as a vision for your boutique will really help give you a great opportunity on ASOS Marketplace.

Quick-fire questions:

1.     Who is your Instagram obsession?

Currently @i.amowl

2.     What’s your current guilty pleasure?

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs

3.     Are you a cat or dog person?


4.     What is your go-to fashion magazine?

Dazed Magazine & iD Magazine that is current for our Marketplace customers and keeps me in the know!

5.     Something you couldn’t live without?

My Phone – would literally be lost without it!


Sound good? It gets better. Quote PRDISPATCH when you sign up and get 3 months free rent!


For more info contact Christina and Katie-Beth at


Instagram @cd_asosmarketplace or @kb_asosmarketplace

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