What awards can do for your brand & the top tips for securing your first one



After a series of (well deserved) award success, our founder and director Rosie has gained some valuable experience in the world of competition. From finding the right awards for your brand to that all-important pitch, Rosie has a few handy tips for making the most out of these opportunities.

Seeking out and winning awards in your industry is one of the most effective ways to rise above your competitors and create recognition –why? Awards are a limited resource, not everyone can win an award and be recognised and trusted by third parties, however, we can all create promotions, campaigns and send emails. Being ‘award winning’ will effectively increase your brand awareness, credibility and overall acknowledgement within the industry. Who doesn’t want that!

Another great aspect of this is it works well for both B2C as well as B2B companies alike. In brand to consumer businesses, consumers are always looks for trust signals and reputability; this is exactly the same for brand to brand. Companies prefer partners who have a track record of recognition and credibility, this is often judged by the companies it works with, so having an award winning brand is a huge asset in the development of your brand.

If you’re thinking your brand is too small or not recognised enough, think again. There are hundreds of awards out there for brands of all sizes– think start ups, small businesses, women-owned and many more.

Find the most suitable awards

First of all, have faith and believe in yourself and your brand. Secondly, read the awards criteria. Don’t undersell yourself, every business starts somewhere. Like previously mentioned, find the award that suits your brand. Don’t apply to every single one you see; quality over quantity. You have more chance of coming out on top if you focus on the most relevant ones.

Be prepared

As part of your entry, it is likely you’ll have to submit a summary of what you do, and basically what makes you a winner. This is the first step in getting yourself noticed so think creatively and cleverly about what you want to say about your brand. Give yourself time to plan and draft, and if possible, get your coworker or friend to read through it - a second pair of eyes is always crucial.

Tell a great story.

Although the judges don’t want a 60-page novel, telling the story of your brand in an enthusiastic and captivating way will retain the judges interest. This is your opportunity to put your business on the forefront so don’t be shy, be forthcoming of your achievements and be proud and confident.

Follow the criteria to a T.

Again, ensure you are staying on topic and that you are providing the relevant information they have asked for. Read the questions carefully and answer them with clarity- the judges will appreciate this.

Practice practice practice!

Read through your pitch, read it again, make notes then try to read without using any prompts. Read out loud to your friends or family, this will allow them to suggest any improvements. Timing yourself is also helpful, this will show how little or long you’ve got fill your space, and will give you a good idea of what pace is best.

So basically, entering yourself into business awards is potentially the career kick you need. There’s nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Don’t under estimate your business, find the best category and create the pitch of your life and soon you could be an award-winning business.

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Rosie Davies