How to find the right influencers for your brand


It’s no exaggeration to say that influencers are the new breed of celebrity; more and more, consumers are turning away from red carpets and towards their Instagram feed to inform the purchases they make. We trust their opinions and we follow their lead – the clue’s in the name, after all. Businesses, in turn, are thriving off the back of influencer endorsement – brands like Glossier have Instagram to thank for their cult-like following.

Influencers are to PR what print was ten years ago – with the ability to drive an influx of traffic and, perhaps more importantly, sales, they’re not something to be laughed at. If your target audience is using Instagram, then you should be using the pull of influencers to your best advantage, but before you reach out, it’s important to only work with those who are the perfect fit for your brand. Here’s a few things you need to consider..

Look beyond the numbers

The relevance of an influencer is far more important than their follower count. While the high number can be tempting, there’s little point in putting your brand in front of people who aren’t going to take any interest in it. Instead, consider your brand’s niche – is it ethical? Vegan? For women over 50? Make a list of influencers you’re interested in and ask yourself:

  • Is the content they’re posting relevant to my brand? (i.e. you’re an ethical brand, they’re posting about Fashion Revolution Week)

  • Do they align with my target customer and my brand’s core values? (i.e. could you see these people buying your product?)

  • What other brands have they worked with? (i.e. are you a luxury brand, but they have a collaboration with Primark? If so, it might be worth reconsidering whether their audience is right for you)

By working with relevant influencers, you’re ensuring that your content will reach an audience with equally relevant interests, resulting in a more fruitful collaboration for both parties.

It’s all in the interaction

In an age of fake followers, it’s important to try and gauge the authenticity

Take a look at the amount of comments and likes on recent posts to gage how much of their audience actually cares about what they are posting, and specifically what about each post they like – is it the product?

Quality and authenticity

A lot of the attraction of influences is the authenticity of their content – people love relatable and realistic stories and posts. Keep an eye out for a high number of sponsored posts, as these tend to affect the authenticity of the content. Equally the quality of their content must be to a high standard. High-quality posts are more likely to draw attention, and can help increase your SEO.

Once you know which influencers you’d like to reach out to, follow them and interact with them where relevant - this will show that you have a genuine interest in them and their content. By building a relationship with the influencers via Instagram first, it is more likely that they will respond to your email when you contact them.

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