How brands can take advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram continues to be one of the most successful social platforms for brands to use for growth and development. From raising brand awareness to interacting with customers, Instagram provides a visual platform that is full of possibilities. Here’s a few ideas as to how you can take full advantage of Instagram stories for your brand.


Instagram stories offers the perfect platform to help increase your brand to consumer interaction; from polls to Q&A’s, make the most of the tools on offer to you. Need an opinion on a new colour way? Looking for advice on product branding? Simply pop your ideas onto your story and wait for your followers to voice their opinions. Keeping you story replies open will also allow your followers to interact with you in their own time, increasing brand accessibility and building brand loyalty.


Continuing on the theme of brand transparency, Instagram stories provide the perfect platform to offer your followers an insight into the inner workings of your small business. People like people, so why not introduce your team and show your followers what they do to keep your brand running? Or take your followers on a tour of your factory, even if it’s your spare bedroom! Be sure to save key stories to your highlights so that any new followers can easily learn more about your brand at the click of a button.


If you are using your Instagram feed for still imagery, why not utilise stories to showcase a range of moving imagery, from showing your products in action to launching new campaign videos. Creating gifs and animations with your products and services will help to diversify content and provide a new form of visual promotion for your brand.


Consistency is key when it comes to Instagram stories. The more you post, the more opportunity your followers have to interact with you and your brand. Instagram’s algorithm orders Instagram stories depending on who you watch most often. So if you want to be in your followers top 10, be sure to post consistently engaging content that makes them want to come back for more.


If your Instagram feed more closely resembles a perfectly curated art gallery, then it might not be the place to share a picture of the donuts that you had delivered to your office to get you through that Friday afternoon slump. The semi permanent nature of Instagram stories allows you to post content that is still on brand, but may not sit well alongside the rest of the imagery on your feed.

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Rosie Davies