Double your website traffic with PR

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Think magazine coverage is outdated? We're here to prove you wrong. PR has changed; so has magazine coverage, and the way it leads traffic to your website. Here’s the press you want in 2018.

Printed Product placement vs online galleries

Don't underestimate the power of print – coverage in magazines and newspapers is great for awareness, credibility and in the long run often sales. It will capture new audiences and draw attention to your brand.

Features to look out for :

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The Style List (Stylist Magazine)
Ah, we love The Style List - A clear feature putting products front and centre. Including product descriptions, prices and the website URL, it will drive traffic for days.

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We Love (The Observer)
Six (or so) nice items chosen by The Observer Magazine each week. ‘We love’ is a great feature in a magazine that’s well respected by its target consumers.

Online coverage

Online shopping galleries are the gift that keeps on giving. Having your products in one of these features will eliminate the ‘discover-to-buy’ part of the process - sending the customer straight to your product, and hopefully, to the checkout page. Big plus, you’ll be able to track the traffic resulting from click-through coverage. Win-win for both you and the customer.

Our favourite online features:

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ES Best / IndyBest (Evening Standard & The Independent) - Product round up features are an easy and effective way to increase your website traffic. Consumers searching for particular items might come across these features on Google, and then straight to your website - simple.

Emerald Street - If you want to achieve direct contact with your audience, look no further that editorial newsletters. Our fave is Emerald Street, sending out daily newsletters to over 100,000 people. This will increase the awareness of your brand through one simple newsletter.

Gift Guides

Available in both print and digital, and a combination of product placement and online galleries - gift guides should, and will be, your best friend. They’re an easy but effective way to get coverage across a range of different platforms and target different audiences at the same time. If you want to see your products on the Christmas pages this season, too, make sure you check out our Christmas membership.

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