Making the most of Top Drawer - Our 5 tips

5 tips for making the most out of Top Drawer

Trade shows are full of the industry's top buyers, stockists and department store representatives and when done right those days of early mornings and late nights can result in some great things for your brand. Trade shows are a great way to grow your business and get your brand out into the world. With only a week ahead before Top Drawer, we’ve rounded up some top tips for optimising your time there.


We know by day three you’re probably extremely tired and not in the mood to mingle, but just keep going, keeping talking, networking and smiling! Don’t slack off - the key to trade shows is to network as much as possible, you never know who you might meet.


But your enemies closer... trade shows are a great way to see what other brands in the market are doing, see where your brand fits in the market and if there’s any gaps to ensure you’re bigger and better at your next trade show. Knowing the competition is always beneficial.


We know there’s a 101 things to prepare for before a trade show, but don’t neglect your assets, The industries top buyers, stockists and department store representatives could be walking up to your stall at any second, so make sure you have your look book, line sheet and business cards printed to a high quality. Allow them to leave with something they’ll remember you by.


Your stall will be the first thing that draws someone to come and look at your products, so make sure it looks good and most importantly, representative of your brand. It should reflect your brands aesthetic as well as looking nice (because lets face it, that’s what draws us in.)


After the few days of fun and organised chaos, you’ll want to have a well deserved break, and so will the visitors from the trade show. Wait a few days, maybe a week depending on who and where it is, before following up. Ensure throughout the trade show, you’re collecting cards from everyone you are interested in - send them a warm thank you email, showing your appreciation for their time. This will put your name and brand on their radar.

Let us know if you’re going down to Top Drawer and we’ll pop and see you!

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