5 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Own PR

If you weren’t convinced enough already, we’ve put together a few reasons why you should absolutely take control of your own PR.

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1.   It’s More Affordable

Agencies can set you back at least £3k a month which is a large amount for well established brands, never mind small independents. At PR Dispatch, we’re giving you all the advice we’d offer you if you paid us to do your PR – the only difference is you’ll be doing the contacting.  


2. You Can Sell Your Product Better Than Anyone Else

You know your brand better than anyone else does. From conception to creation, no one can tell your brand story quite like you. Your knowledge can be used as a massive advantage when selling yourself to the press as it can make you appear more credible and genuine which publications will appreciate.

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3. Build Personal Relationships

The press love to hear directly from brands - publications are likely to be more drawn to you than if they were approached by an agency.

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4. Have Full Control

When you’re managing your own PR everything is on your terms. From the publications you contact to your brand voice and message, how you approach the press is entirely up to you. You’ve got the freedom to contact who you see fit when you see fit. 

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