5 Instagram Habits To Maximise Your Chances Of Press Coverage


Instagram is an extremely powerful tool and when used well it has the ability to propel your brand into the limelight and increase your chances of achieving coverage for your brand. Below we have rounded up the top Instagram habits of press savvy brands.

  1. Follow editors.. so that your brand is on their radar. This means that when you send them a pitch, they'll already recognise your brand and are therefore more likely to pick your pitch out from the crowd.

  2. Like and comment.. on editors' and publications' posts - everyone loves to be complimented! Editors will often turn to social media when on the hunt for new brands, interaction helps to attract their attention to your brand.

  3. Tailor your pitch.. to editors using things you've picked up on from Instagram. Was it their birthday recently? Mention it in your email - editors receive hundreds of emails per day so personalising your pitch is a great way of showing that you're paying attention, and in turn will hopefully make them pay attention to your brand.

  4. Curate your feed.. so it's the best possible representation of your brand. Instagram is one of the first things an editor will look at when checking out a new brand, so having a beautiful feed is a surefire way of catching their eye. Matt & Nat and Delores Daywear are great examples of this.

  5. Post your coverage.. for the world to see! Any coverage you receive should be posted straight to Instagram - it may just catch the eye of an editor who thinks your brand would look even better in their feature.

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