Why Triangl Smashed It.

Possibly the most iconic swimwear brand of this century, Triangl have effortlessly dominated the market with their instantly recognisable bold & bright neoprene designs. Their range has increased dramatically over the past year, with clashing prints & floral embroidery now coming into play, alongside their staple block colour designs. The fabric choice is what makes this Australian brand so unique; the wetsuit-like material allows for a perfect, skin tight fit that won’t sag or stretch over time - so no more pool side bikini bottom dramas!


Why Triangl smashed it



Triangl's stockists, or lack thereof, provides the brand with complete exclusivity when it comes to retailing their swimwear. From day one Triangl products have only been available from their own website, allowing them to have complete control over how their brand is portrayed & of course over their product pricing. By not out selling their products, Triangl need not worry about whether another brand reflects their own aesthetic & ethos, allowing them to portray themselves in a clear & consistent vision.


Why Triangl smashed it



This is where Triangl really come into their own, using only Instagram & Facebook as online promotional tools for the brand. By consolidating the entirety of their marketing, social media & PR into a small space, it allows for complete concentration on making their profiles the best that they can be. Before the days of Triangl domination, there were no print ad’s or plastered billboards to be seen. Through the ever growing power of social media, they have managed to assert themselves as a top player in the international swimwear market. If you haven’t had a scroll through their 3 million follower strong instagram (where have you been?!), then it’s the perfect place to get a understanding of who they are as a brand.

Both their Instagram & Facebook feeds act as a platform to share their own marketing images alongside reposts of the #tranglgirls wearing the Triangl products. From perfectly composed flat lays to aspirational images of model-like girls on an exotic beach, their picturesque imagery is enough to make anyone want to book a spontaneous trip to the Caribbean!  


Why Triangl smashed it



Triangl don’t just stop at customer interaction on social media, their influencer interaction is key to their growing success. By building a following through gifting celebrities & bloggers, Triangl have reestablished the benefits of using social platforms as a marketing tool. Their product gifting isn’t just limited to big time bloggers & social media names (though that does make up a large proportion), some lesser established individuals have also had the pleasure of receiving a neoprene triangle package. We feel that this sense of inclusiveness allows the brand to gain a following from a range of consumers, which in turn could make the brand more accessible as a whole.

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Rosie Davies