Our 5 favourite independent magazines


5 of our favourite independent magazines

Betty is a really pretty magazine, the kind that you can’t bear to throw away once you’ve finished it. Each issue is printed in a different pastel colour and is the perfect addition to the magazine shelf or coffee table, not to mention its content. We love the variety of articles written in each issue, with sections including fashion and beauty, food, things to do and much more, all of which are accompanied by beautiful imagery. Betty is visually appealing and offers a little bit of everything. Definitely worth a read!

Image credit: http://bettymagazine.bigcartel.com/

Oh Comely

5 of our favourite independent magazines

Launched in 2010 by three friends, Oh Comely is described as ‘a women’s magazine for curious minds’. The articles and topics vary from issue to issue, and we love that because it keeps us guessing and we never know what to expect other than more beautifully written, thought provoking articles. As well as the magazine, subscribers also receive an aesthetically pleasing subscription box per issue, each one hand-made and packed by the Oh Comely team, including a variety of content inspired objects. What more could we ask for?

Image credit: http://www.jeshunt.co.uk/Oh-Comely-Magazine


5 of our favourite independent magazines

Full of captivating imagery, Atlas is an independent fashion magazine dedicated to providing a platform for up and coming creatives in the fashion industry. Each issue has a theme and is comprised of submissions from young, talented fashion creatives. Atlas is a great source of inspiration and the perfect place to showcase creative fashion work.

Image credit: http://theatlasmagazine.com/


5 of our favourite independent magazines

Bricks is a quarterly magazine based in Bristol, available both in print and online. The magazine aims to support emerging creatives by providing a publication for them to showcase their work, and in doing so, updates us on all the latest art, culture and photography news.

Image credit: http://bricksmagazine.bigcartel.com/


5 of our favourite independent magazines

Suitcase is a 21st century travel magazine, offering the advice that we all google in the months approaching our trips, all in one place! What to pack, what to wear, where to go, who to follow, Suitcase will have you covered. It’s the only magazine of its kind that we know of and fuses three of our favourite things; fashion, beauty and travel. If you’re planning any trips or looking for places to go, make sure to pick up a copy!

Image credit: http://www.w29showroom.com/

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