5 Ways Press Coverage Benefits Your Brand

With the Internet and social media at our fingertips, it’s now easier than ever to increase your brand’s reach. So why is PR still relavent? We’ve put together 5 key reasons why PR is an important and powerful tool for any small business.

1.  Boost your brand awareness
The reach of online and print publications speak for themselves.
Stylist Magazine has a weekly distribution of 404,408 magazines across London. 
The Guardian has a total print readership of 1,199,000.
GQ has 3.9 million Instagram followers. 

2.  Establish brand credibility
In a world of content saturation, recommendations hold far more value than direct sales and some sponsored content. A product chosen specifically by an editor, from a large publication, is a respected acclamation of quality and can be used to boost your brand status. The best part is that its absolutely free.

3.   Build stockists
Press can lead to new stockist opportunities and further brand expansion. After Hammam Havlu were featured in Stella MagazineBeija London decided to stock their products in their Seven Dials store in Central London. 

4.   Achieve repeat coverage
Good press makes your brand more desirable not only to consumers, but to other publications too. Editors are always looking for new products to feature and will often look for inspiration from other media platforms. At LFA we often see the ball start rolling after a big piece of coverage; Editors will start to call in our client's pieces, without us contacting them first. This takes time and, as always, a bit of luck. 

5.   Drive sales
Market research continuously proves that consumers need multiple touch points to get to know your brand and your reputation before making a purchase. With this in mind, Business Insider highlighted publicity as 'an integral part of the sales process because it can be the most cost efficient and persuasive touch point'. 

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