Meet the member: Matus from Arum London

The beautiful Arum brand achieved press coverage in Metro's Hotlist only three months after their launch. We caught up with co-founder Matus on how their early press success has helped to secure their first sales and build the credibility of the beautiful Arum brand. 

How long have you been in business?

We launched Arum, our brand of scented candles in May this year after months of behind the scenes work. We made it our mission to make sure that the little time we have at the end of our day is spent royally and that’s how these products were born.

Describe your product in 3 words.

Beautiful, hand-poured, natural.

One thing you wished you’d known before starting your brand.

I wish we knew more about the differences between working with magazines and working with bloggers. In our (limited) experience we have found that bloggers tend do work well for reviews (we got a number of very nice ones), beautiful images, help with an Instagram push and hopefully help improve SEO with relevant backlinks whereas traditional press seems to be able to drive more sales and contribute to a certain brand perception. 

What did being featured in Metro’s hotlist do for your brand?

It was strong validation for the team that we're on the right track as it was our first proper PR piece. It also attracted the first customer no one from our team knew personally!

Why do you think PR is important?

In our eyes it's the best kind of marketing. When someone loves your product enough to feature it in their magazine, newspaper or blog, it brings not only exposure but also a certain degree of credibility.

What is your next PR goal?

We'd love to get magazine coverage leading up to Christmas! Seeing the brand you've created in some of the magazines you've been reading for a long time would be beyond exciting!

And finally, in the next year you want to…

It's our dream to work with independent boutiques to help more people discover our candles and our story. We believe that it only takes a little effort to live a more inspired life, to add a bit of joy and beauty to our everyday lives. We find luxury in doing everyday things properly and this is the message we would love to spread with our scented candles.

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