5 Ways To Attract Customers Online


Which customers have already bought from you? 

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This is a key way to gain valuable insight into your target market. Potential customers will tell you a lot through their wallets. But it is also important to reach out and delve deeper. Exactly what is or isn’t working? 

Surveys, interviews in stores / online or even small focus groups can give you a realistic idea about your audience and what appeals to them. This is important knowledge when setting out your game plan and overall strategy going forward. For example, if you're selling online, you need to know your customer's online behaviour. Which social media platforms do they use? What kind of accounts do they follow on Instagram? Can you gain exposure through particular bloggers or even hashtags?

Obviously, this is no use if you do nothing with it… Refine your marketing efforts according to your findings. If people aren’t purchasing because the price is too high, lower your price points (within reason); or aim your PR efforts elsewhere, for example, higher end publications. 


Your target market this year could be completely different to two years time. Research isn’t a one-time thing, keep learning, adjusting and improving your business and product according to the wants and needs of your target market. 


First impressions are important! Introduce yourself through a brief personalised message, email, letter… whatever suits your brand. Having ‘Rosie’, Founder of the Blue and White *fictional* clothing brand, contact you makes the consumer feel welcomed, valued (& more likely to open their wallet!). 

This concept doesn’t just apply to first impressions. If a consumer has a question or concern, dealing with a human is likely to be a more efficient way of building a customer relationship, rather than a faceless logo.  Include author bios on your blog or even adopt a brand ambassador as the face of the company and comment on consumer's social media posts. It will have stronger impact when building consumer loyalty.


Provide your customers with exclusive content, or offer something like a 15% off code for being great customers (your business won’t exist without them!). Give them something that your competitors can’t or won’t. Your customers will thank you for it with their loyalty. 


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