Contacting the press? Here's what you'll need

What exactly do you need before you start contacting the press? We have stripped it down to the basics: PR ‘able’ product, cut out imagery and a fully transactional website. Make sure you have these bases covered before investing your money anywhere else.

PR ‘able’ product

Choosing which product to pitch to the press is important to consider when maximising the benefits of press for your brand. Product recognition in the press can lead to an increase in brand reputation, social following and conversion into tangible repeat sales. Editors look for quality product with bold shapes, bright colours, patterns and seasonal items; these stand out and capture the reader’s attention.

Cut out Imagery

Cut out imagery is printed within magazines and uploaded onto online publications. For this reason, it is very important to ensure your product imagery meets the industry guidelines before you start contacting the press. Product must be displayed on a plain white background with crisp edges. We always recommend that brands invest in a professional photographer or rent a studio space, like Ushoot, to ensure cut out imagery is high quality and won’t be turned away by Editors.

A fully transactional website

You need a fully transactional website, with confirmed pricing, before contacting the press. This means that customers can view and purchase your products online. Pricing inconsistencies reflect badly on editors, meaning brands with inconsistent pricing are unlikely to receive repeat coverage. Moreover, without a transactional website, there is very little chance that product coverage will convert into tangible sales; it is your job to make it as easy as possible for readers to purchase your product after seeing your brand featured.

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Natasha Housley