5 steps to social media success

Your 5 step social media plan

Let’s face it, social media counts as a huge portion of a brands success and growth, so it’s important you know what you’re doing, and where. There are a huge number of social platforms out there, but this doesn’t mean you need to use them all. We’ve put together 5 simple steps for your social media success.

-Know your audience to create the perfect feed

Knowing your audience is always the first priority as a brand. Know who they are, what they like to eat, drink, buy, shop, where they like to socialise, what they like to do one the weekend, and what platforms they use. Once you know this, you’ll know what content they want to see and you’ll be able to curate the perfect feed which they won’t be able to resist.

-Pick your platforms and get to know them

There are so many platforms out there which allows you to create and share content, which is great. However, you need to pick your platforms wisely and correlate these with your brand identity and message. For example, Snapchat might be relevant for one brand (The Tab), and not for another (Net-A-Porter). Once you’ve found the right platforms for your brand, it’s then the time to get to know them, which leads on to tailoring your posts…

-Tailoring your posts

You need to find out what works and what doesn’t work on each platform. What you post on Instagram will be different to what you post on LinkedIn for example, you will use a different tone of voice as the audiences are different. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to create complete different content for each platform, you will just need to make slight changes and amend them in some way or another to make them fit - change the caption, your tone of voice, the image you use to interest their audience. Once you’ve nailed this, you’re ready to utilise them.

-Plan it

Like anything, planning your content is really helpful as it means you are always one step ahead, but it also ensures you are keeping active on your channels to keep your audience interested! You want to be seen, and the best way to do this is posting regular content. Make a list of the content for each week and try and work a week in advance, Onlypult is a great service which allows you to schedule your posts for Instagram which will eliminate your time consumption.

-Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, and there’s also nothing wrong with checking their socials out! See what their posting, who they follow and interacting with, get some ideas and make them your own.

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